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I am a practician, trusted advicer, trainer and developer in automotive industry for more than 15 years.

I was employee at Johnson Controls- Automotive division, Wagon Automotive and other 1st tier suppliers, in various technological fields like electronics, assembly, extrusion, moulding provided broad experience in quality management, engineering, production and project management.

I managed several projects related to implementation of ISO TS/ Customer specific requirements for various 1st and 2nd tier suppliers while I have been working on ISO TS 16949, VW Group, Renault-Nissan and PSA requirements.

I authored more than 10 web-based software used to support implementation of several lean manufacturing methods for 1st big tier suppliers like Valeo and Faurecia.

I train employees in various subjects like IATF requairements, core-tools and customer-specific requirements as Omnex and Dekra Cert accredited trainer.

I hold a BS in industrial Engineering from Bucharest Technical University and a Master degree in Computer networks from Bucharest University.


Experience in development small IT systems for 1st tier suppliers
  • Business Anlayze: system analyze, process map, UML, solutions arhitecture
  • Computer programming:
    • (VB, C#),Visual BASIC, BASIC
    • Databases: Microsoft SQL, Access
    • Web (IIS, HTML, bootstrap)
  • Computer utilization:
    • Office automation(VBA)
    • Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office


  • Specialization: Administration of computer networks

    Related coursework: Courses focused on networking, operating systems, databases management, web programming, and security of computer networks.

  • Specialization: Computer programming

    Related coursework: During 4 semesters I have studied alghoritms, data structures, databases, procedural and OOP programming.

    Dissertation titled "Web applications in local area networks - Intranet. Java applets using JCharts package".

  • Specialization: Production systems engineering and management – Industrial (Economic) Engineering

    Related coursework: Competences in system and quality engineering, technical studies, operational management, process simulation and control, quality management and control, project management, computer aided design.

Specialization courses:

Automotive Engineering/ Quality management/ IT

  • Controllers configuration and programming(PLC), Schneider Electric,2011-10
  • Internal EMS (Environmental Management Systems) training course Global Group,2011-09
  • ANPQP Renault-Dacia Institute for quality and management,2011-02
  • Process FMEA TUV Austria,2009-10
  • Process auditor according VDA 6.3 TUV Austria,2009-09
  • Internal auditor for Quality Management Systems in the automotive industry (ISO TS 16949) TUV Rheinland,2008-06
  • ISO 9001 Specialist, TUV Rheinland,2005-09
  • Data aqusition and LabVIEW programming, Renault-Electronic Integration platform,2004-12
  • Product and Process Analyst, Renault-Dacia Institute for quality and management,2004-12
  • CISCO CCNA 1-4 CISCO Networking Academy,2004

Freelance activity

  • Senior Consultand and Trainer @ Omnex Europe

    Omnex is one of the leading consulting and training organisations worldwide aiming at high impact solutions. In order to create competitive advantage and improve our client’s performance we incorporate excellent talent with local presence.
    Website:Omnex Europe

    Trainer for core tools (APQP, FMEA, SPC, G8D,MSA)
    Period: 2015-present
  • Business Analyst and Developer @ Advanced Engineering

    Advanced Engineering and Management company was founded to ensure a proper lean manufacturing implementation based on specific software which extends ERPs up to necessary capabilities, a suite of modules called "Omnium Software Products".
    Website:Omnium Software Products

    I am in charge of analyze customer informational's systems, propose improvements and architect the IT solution and transfer definition to computer programmers.
    Period: 2016-present
  • Automotive Industry consultant and trainer @ Operational Management Solutions

    OMS (Operational Management Solutions) was founded in 2013 to provide consulting services, solutions development and staff training.
    Website:Operational Management Solutions

    Responsible for design and implement paperless systems for quality management, environmental and other specific customer standards
    Period: 2013-present

Work Experience as employee
More than 15 years worked in automotive industry in various positions with various technologies

Quality and Environmental Director

Industry: mainly automotive - manufacturing of rubber parts (mainly automotive)

Improvement of quality and environmental management systems by process re-engineering

Daily duties:

  • Manage activity of Quality Engineer and Laboratory personnel
  • Coordinate multidisciplinary team for 8D analysis and participate in APQP process
  • Analyze and integrate customer specific requirements; provide training and consulting for personnel in regarding APQP, FMEA, 8D, VDA 6.3, CQI.. and other items specific to automotive industry
  • Analyze and improve quality and environmental management systems by optimization of informational systems
  • Provide backup support for IT systems (servers, ERP, customer portals) - IT Manager replacement.


  • Design and implementation of online software for printing Galia and VDA labels including a bar code scan system for traceability improvement.
  • Implementation of VDA 6.3 requirements into project mangement related processes by performing training and consulting activities for Production and Technical/ Maintenance personnel.
  • Design and implement an online Andon system for production and maintenance by using IIS/ SQL Express/ including incidents management, spare parts management and equipments/ tooling maintenance.


I continue to work in period 2014-2015 as consultant. Industry: automotive & others, steel products

Daily duties:

  • Administration of Integrated management system (Qualiy, Environment, health and Safety) according ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards
  • Integration of Customer-specific requirements (Renault-Nissan and Ford)
  • Coordination of quality department (Quality Engineer, Quality Technician)


  • Extension of ISO TS 16949 certificate for Craiova site.
  • Optimization of management systems by eliminating redundant work through processes re-engineering

Manager - Processes re-engineering and quality management

Industry: alluminium extrusion

Daily duties:

  • Leader of re-engineering processes and quality management system project, including deployment of an Intranet based solution. In this position I manage a team in charge for design and implementation of an IT project for production control.
  • Providing trainings and consultancy regarding design and implementation of ISO TS 16949 requirements for multidisciplinary teams.


  • Partial implementation of an in-house developed solution for production control (Maintenance process claims and resolutions based on workflows, Production scheduling, Integration with Press software management through databases, integration with Priority ERP )

Quality Manager
Advanced Comfort Systems (CIE Automotive) | 2008 MARCH - 2012 APRIL

I continue to work from 2013 until now (2017) as consultant
Industry: automotive, 1st tier supplier for automotive interiours

Daily Duties:

  • In this position I was in charge with deployment and certification of an integrated management system according ISO TS 16949 / and 14001 / and OHSAS in Romanian site based on extensive use of PDCA related methods, databases / web interfaces and scanners, and employees involvement and to make it compatible with customer requirements (Volkswagen, Renault, Faurecia)
  • Green field experience: second employee in 2008


  • Development and implementation of an Intranet portal covering production control, maintenance, KPIs, corrective and preventive actions, documents control, claims management.
  • Design and implement an integrated management system and certify it according ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001; prove compatibility with customer specific requirements (Volkswagen Group, Renault, Faurecia).
  • Assure process validation for new/ transferred assembly lines and customer approval by working directly with OEMs and Engineering Center, being involved in all development phases (Project Quality leader for X98 project-Renault, Transfer leader for T8 project - PSA, Transfer leader for AU716 - VW Group)
  • Integrate Renault-Nissan specific requirements - B supplier ranked in 2010.
  • Integrate Formel-Q customer-specific requirements - B supplier ranked in 2013 folowing provided consulting programme (2013).

Quality Engineer
Johnson Controls | 2006 APRIL - 2008 MARCH

Industry: automotive, seating industry

Daily Duties:

  • I was in charge for deployment of APQP related activities for new projects (FMEA, Control Plan), to prepare initial samples validation package according QS-9000 PPAP and OEM procedures, for deployment of SPC and MSA I have managed corrective and preventive programmes (FMEA, 8D) during serial life and before (pre-series phase).


  • Improvement of statistical methods used during pre-series/ series and APQP-FMEA utilization.

Takosan Automotive | 2002 NOVEMBER - 2006 APRIL

Industry: automotive, electronics. More about Takosan: Takosan Corp. Takosan - Romania

Daily duties:

  • In this position I was in charge with deployment and certification of management system according ISO TS 16949 and ANPQP procedure deployment for project transferred in Romanian site. Also I was responsible for LAN / Active Directory administration in Romanian site and Renault Suppliers Extranet Portal administrator.
  • Previously I have worked as Analyst Engineer, being in charge for performing product-process analysis and supplier representative in customer facility.
  • Green field experience: first employee in 2002


  • Validation of X90 (Dacia Logan) assembly line transfer from Turkey to Romania; implementation of QMS and assure compatibility with customer requirement (Renault)
  • Installation of IT infrastructure - local server (file server and domain controller), domain policy, email server and other peripheral configuration.
  • Development of a small system for documents distribution (Intranet portal) by using IIS/ asp/ MySQL/ Windows 2003 SBS and VBA automation.

Microsoft project assistant, GIS Operator
Finsiel, Triton consult 2000-2002

Industry: IT, consulting
  • GIS Operator
    Finsiel Romania, Bucharest
  • Microsoft project assistant for installation, implementation and training (CPM, charts, ressources management, tasks scheduling, constraints )
    Customer project: Energomontaj - 4th reactor at Turceni termocentral modernization and repair.