Departure: JCI (Johnson Controls) -> Arrival: Wagon Automotive

Wagon Automotive Romania – construction phase

January 2008: I met an opportunity: to be a Quality Manager in a Green field.

The plant was a new manufacturing facility of Wagon Automotive Group, part of their strategy to go in LLC (Low cost countries). Selected location was Pogoanele City, Buzau county.

The construction was finalized

The first line to be transferred was an assembly line for AU716 project, customer was Volkswagen Group SK-Bratislava.

My initial job was to:

  • go in Germany with several operators and team leader to:
    • review actual documentation and line status
    • learn process and product
  • return to Romania and:
    • create QMS basic infrastructure – a local share files Server
    • update project documentation – FMEA, Control Plan..
    • update and translate existent working standard documentation
    • prepare product-process validation with VW Group – establish extranet connection (ISIR)

SOP was scheduled for May 2008.

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