Previous week I have been invited to provide a core tools training for an appearance items manufacturer located in Buftea, Ilfov. During the 4-days training we have discussed specific subject related to their products and processes versus specific tools (AIAG VDA P FMEA, APQP, Control Plan and so on). We […]

Today I finished a two-week long course, opened the recordings in the feed back section, and came across the following message from a young man: “Keep up the good work!”It seems to me the most important feedback received so far. I feel that, in addition to business and the rest, […]

Greetings, For those who need to integrate specific terms QMS, EHS, IMS and not only here is a link: Other interesting information in Operational Management Solutions know how: Our know-how including free tools provided by OMS for automotive industry specialists | Operational Management Solutions-Informational consulting and training for automotive […]